Public commission for Hemmiingwell Residents association in conjuction with Wellingborough Borough Council 2010 - 2011
 The final Art Work was a success as it achieved its goal of having an impact on the community.  People from the community still go down to the sculpture to see there face, and also can recognise other peoples faces from the community on the works. Other organisations have also visited the final works, the work has received excellent feed back from other authorities interested in community work I feel the project has become a bench mark for future projects to aspire to as it truly demonstrates what can be achieved.  This project has also led on to a further extension to the commission where further faces will be constructed through workshops to extend the work due to the community wanting to become further involved. 


Faces Of Hemmingwell 2010

St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital
Winter has just completed  commission of five permenant pieces which will light the corridors of the Therapy Unit of the newly built St Helen and Knowsley Teaching Hospital St Helens Liverpool.
A piece of original contemporary art can have many values and at the same time be very powerful.It can be a form of communication improving work environments. Whether it is displayed in a public or private place it will lend itself tastefully and add credibility to your company’s central values.

By investing in a piece of original art you will not only gain financially but culturally too.


 'The Trinity' Inside Out' Summer Exhibition Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts 2007
The opportunity to develop the concept and ideas for the commission 'Inside Out'  inconjuction with Wellingborough Borough Council and Fermynwoods Contemporary arts enabled me to work on a open brief to produce the above works 'The Trinity'.  
Commissions undertaken contact the artist for further details.     

Winters works now are collected throughout the UK and internationaly, gracing both domestic settings as well as commerical locations with a growing following of collectors investing in her work.   Winter has a large portfolio of works which would be well situated in many different environments, as well as working on specific briefs for clients.  Winter is available to discuss the wide range of possiblities avialable to clients today, see contact details.